Confidence Booster for Children all ages

Confidence Booster for Children all ages

I have heard it said that if you are confident you will learn. But what about all those children that are not confident. Not all confident children are extrovert and found prancing down the high street in full song and costume, granted, but they are much more likely to ask for help or be outgoing enough to make friends and many other basic childhood tasks.

Pop Up Drama know that confidence is not an overnight easy fix but we have seen over time and in the right environment drama classes our workshops helping to boost children’s courage, listening and speaking skills. Every kid has their own temperament and child has varied degrees of confidence, they may be outgoing or a bit more reserved and shy. Our Drama workshops are aimed to boost confidence with a fun, energetic, literature based strategy.

In the right environment any child can flourish, gain skills and build self-confidence. Listening and speaking skills are greatly improved with our workshops. We cater for the child that aspires to be the next big star as well as those who are more reserved and looking for a social workshop to gain confidence. Our drama workshops are not just about being the best actor or being a huge star, it’s about making new friends, building your confidence, growing in those social skills that make us better people.

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