Pop Up Training

Pop Up Training

Providing training and education consultancy services.

Pop Up Training provides training and education consultancy services. We deliver Initial Teacher Training as well as CPD courses and INSETs to teachers and other education/ school staff across Essex and the UK.

ITT Training includes:
~ Planning and Teaching English and Drama ~
~ Using Your Voice Effectively ~
~ Promoting a Growth Mindset in Class ~

CPD courses include:
~ Embedding a Growth Mindset ~
~ Teaching the Primary Curriculum Creatively ~
~ Using Forum Theatre in schools ~
~ Promoting Positive Learning Behaviours ~

How much does it cost?

Our pricing depends on the number of delegates and the length of the training.
Some schools choose to hold training jointly with other local education establishments, this gives them the benefit of sharing costs and building stronger links with other professionals.

We deliver twilight sessions, half day, and full day INSETs. Block training discounts are also available.
Please contact us to discuss your training needs